• Clear sound, sharp pictures.

• Enhance the vibe of the workplace.

• Wirelessly control playlists and volume in every room.
  Every room can sound different
  Showcase news, announcements and new products instantly
  Entertain clients/customers/patients while they wait
Having the perfect audio-video combination is essential for any busy office, especially if there’s a chance that clients, patients, or customers will be in a waiting room or spending prolonged periods of time in one spot. Not only will audio and video help make the time fly for your customers, but it will express how much your office cares about customer comfort during their stay. Our systems deliver clear sound, sharp pictures, and are very attractive in appearance. Let us help you be different from everyone else!  


Multi-Source, Multi-Room Audio/Video
We offer Audio/Video systems that accommodate virtually any size office and any size budget, from our versatile and feature-rich systems to our affordable amplified keypad systems. Designed for exceptional ease of use, our systems are flexible and modular. From single source systems that allow you to share music throughout your office, to multi-source systems that provide multiple music sources in different locations, we offer solutions for any office.
  Attractive, Simple, and Affordable
All of the equipment is neatly concealed in one location, out of sight. If it is wired, all wiring is hidden within the walls. What you see are elegant keypads and speakers, intelligently designed to blend with the décor. At the push of a button, you’re listening to your choice of music or client is watching their favourite program. With our system, everybody gets exactly what they want, when they want it. Enjoy the music from several audio sources—such as satellite tuners, CD players, your iPod® and many others — in any area of your office, inside or out.

Multi-Source, Multi-Room Audio/Video

Compelling videos motivate your audience to connect with you and your product. The ability to visually communicate complex or detailed information in a short period of time without actually being in the room with your potential customer can only be achieved with video.

• Motivate prospects to buy.

• Communicate what makes your business different. • Demonstrate how your products work. • Educate customers and employees.

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Do you get the picture?

In today’s media-driven world, entertainment isn’t just audio. Video is a vital part of our daily experience. The ability of video to improve business is the reason it is rapidly becoming a critical component of business communications.



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