Social Wi-Fi

Beneficial Social WIFI

• A system to intelligently reward customers

• Loyalty that reaches in-store and out

• An expansion into social media marketing

• A customer to customer rewards machine

• All-in-one marketing hub

• Free Wi-Fi for Customers

• Completely cloud based. No download

• A comprehensive customer relationship manager

• An automated email marketing machine
iPhone, iPad, Tablet
 iOS, Android, Windows OS
 Facebook, Twitter, email login
 Usage control 

And many more! See our friendly support packages.

What’s Social Wi-Fi?

Let us help you leverage technology to help your business become more effective, efficient, and profitable while minimizing downtime and costs. Customers log into your WiFi in with a social account and instantly receive rewards, coupons, and emails based on their visits. We know relationships start on premise, let us help you build them.! Our packages have been designed with you in mind. Whether your business is a small operation or has multiple locations, we’ve got you covered!

Customers see your branded splash page to access your business WiFi They sign in with Facebook, Twitter, or email, providing a contact method They receive offers, newsletters, emails and “like” or “share” you

 We have three service packages that will provide your office with reliable service for a fixed monthly fee. We will help you select the service plan that best suits your office needs. We care about your complete satisfaction!

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