Running mission critical servers in your office with improper cooling and no backup power is no longer acceptable. Our Co-Location services allow you to install your equipment in a safe and high-tech facility.

We provide Co-Location services for virtually any size of company. We offer 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and full cabinets spaces, right up to an entire aisle of cabinets. We can also accommodate your servers in any of our 3 Toronto facilities, or any combination of the three if you require geographic diversity.

Our no-nonsense approach keeps the bells and whistles to a minimum, allowing us to offer extremely competitive pricing, while still providing outstanding service, matched with a reliable hightech facility. We also only use premium quality upstream providers to ensure the best possible connectivity for our customers. Additionally, we are also connected to the Toronto Internet Exchange (TORIX), as well as the New York Internet Exchange (NYIIX) through our US point of presence, allowing us to peer with countless organizations all over the world.




What’s a business to do?

While the both solutions can seem confusing and is quickly-changing, SME owners are wise to consider adopting it for a number of reasons:

*  Cost saving

*   Security

*   Agility

*   Disaster recovery

*   Staff utilization

Still confused? Talk to us about your needs and hear what we recommend. 1-800ITPLACE gives you accurate, precise and relevant information will help you build a strategy that can help you save money and stay ahead of your competition.


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